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drumming for joy

Drumming for Joy is a group of community drummers who meet weekly to play music together this always involves a lot of laughter hence the new name. We play the beautiful West African djembe and dun dun drums and learn traditional rhythms passed on to Eliza by the late and great Mamady Keita who Eliza studied with in Brussels, Belgium. To join the group please contact Nick on 07855 129165

The Rhythm drummers including Jo Coomber, one of Somerset Arts Well's directors are taking interactive drumming sessions into care homes. The accessibility and therapeutic nature of the drums as an instrument and the healing vibrations are proving to be an inspiration and a source of wellbeing for all who come in contact with the sessions. For more information about these workshops please contact

The Mendip African Drummers started in 2005 and was funded by Mendip District Council to enable students to experience African drumming. They then took the new name Mendip All Drummers and performed all over the district at public and private events for 15 years. Then along came Covid with the various lockdowns and we all know how that affected group activities.  Once up and running again, but needing a boost to their self confidence after so much time apart, the group engaged the services of Eliza Wylie, whose experience and enthusiasm breathed new life into the sessions. News of Eliza's involvement spread quickly and brought with it new members. 

In line with this new look and heightened enjoyment, it was decided a name change was in order. Now called DRUMMING FOR JOY the group is extending an invitation to local people to come along and have some fun discovering for themselves how joyful drumming in a group can be. (Article by Eveline Durbin)


Meeting every Thursday in the Church Rooms at Easton from 1pm to 3pm there is a charge of £7 which includes the cost of Eliza's excellent tutorship and refreshments. Contact Nick on 07855 129165 for more information.

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