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past projects

Glastonbury Daytime Singers
Glastonbury Daytime singers started in 2017 as Wells Daytime singers and grew from our Thula Mama lullaby groups for babies which ran from Elizas home. It grew to include other members of the community and we moved to Glastonbury’s Red Brick Building in the summer of 2018.  After applying to Somerset Skills and Learning we worked in partnership with them to open up the choir to more learners to bring Wellbeing through music to more of the community.
West African Drumming Workshops
In partnership with Somerset Skills and Learning we delivered some West African drum and dance workshops to introduce learners to the djembe and dundun drums. We also provided popular workshops with adult learners and as part of family learning week at St Cuthbert’s Junior school in Wells.
Musical Play
In partnership with Somerset Skills and Learning we delivered a ten week programme of musical play sessions to introduce families to new ways of interacting with their children. These sessions were full of singing games and rhymes to help develop language and communication skills as well as providing a valued opportunity for parents and children to socialize and share enjoyable time together. Every session provided time for the children to play and explore musical instruments with their new friends.
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